Fire it up... but not too much!
Fire it up… but not too much!

Everyone can start selling today.  The sale ends at 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 30th. NO LATE ORDERS will be accepted.
Pick up will be at Weiss Meats (100 Terence Dr in Pleasant Hills) on Thursday, September 3rd. Checks need to be made out to SPBB and will be accepted at pick up.
When turning your order in, PLEASE do it only by email.

New Form
What I need is:
# of hot dogs @ $2 = total $’s
# of hamburgers @ $8= total $’s
# of steaks @ $13= total $’s
# of tenders @ $2= total $’s
# of ham steaks @ $2= total $’s
# of chops @ $6= total $’s
# of pepperoni @ $2.50= total $’s
Total amt of order= $_________

I will reply back that I have recv’d your order and if the totals are correct.

The profit is:
Hotdogs= 80 cents
Hamburger = $2.00
Steaks = $2.00
Chicken tenders = 60 cents
Ham Stk = 70 cents
Chops = $3.00
Pepperoni stick = $1.30

The 2 items that are priced exceptionally well and that you should have great success with are the chicken tenders and the pork chops.